10 Tips For Creating A Toll-Free Customer Service Line That Will Boost Your Business

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10 Tips For Creating A Toll-Free Customer Service Line That Will Boost Your Business

Customer service lines are essential, but not all of them are created equal. If you’re planning on creating your own customer service line, it’s important to pay close attention to these 10 tips for creating a toll-free customer service line that will boost your business in the long run and make sure you’re doing it right from the start!


#1: Learn How To Deal With Frustrated Customers

Let’s face it: not everyone is going to be happy with your service. They might not understand your processes, they might want things you can’t deliver or they might just be having a bad day. Whatever it is, you need to know how to deal with people who are frustrated and it’s important that you learn how to handle yourself in these situations from the get-go. You never know when a random customer will have a complaint or simply come across as rude so it’s important that you’re able to diffuse their anger and show them that working with your company can still be a good experience for them.

#2: Know What Customers Want From You

When people call a business, they are calling because they want something. They might want a product or service, to speak with someone about an issue, or to complain. They expect you to be able to solve their problem immediately. Don’t make customers feel like they are inconveniencing you just by calling your toll-free number. Give them a sense of security by allowing them to have all of their questions answered quickly and politely so that everyone can move on with their day!

#3: Keep Notes On The Product And The Customers

This may seem obvious, but if you don’t keep good notes, you could miss out on valuable information. If there is a customer who seems to be an especially important lead or client, jot down their contact information, as well as a few notes about them and their business. This will help you remember what they have done and what your current relationship is. It also can come in handy when you need to look back at something they have previously purchased from your business or recommended that you do for them in your business – now it will be readily available for easy access.

#4: Be Fair To All Your Clients

Everyone knows that one word that a consumer says when they’re about to go and do business with someone else. You know what it is: competition. There are almost 2 million businesses operating in Canada, so competition is definitely fierce out there. If you don’t have an edge over your competitors, then it will be hard for you to gain and keep customers in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Show your customers that they matter by following up with them within 24 hours after they make a purchase or inquire about a product or service.

#5: Don’t Tolerate Rudeness

You know how you feel when someone is rude to you, right? Why would your customers want to feel that way? One bad experience can lead a customer to tell up to 20 people about their experience. If you don’t believe that, just ask one of your employees how often he or she has had an irate customer come back into your business and complain about a different employee. Treat your customers as if they were guests in your home and always use a please and thank you. Sure, it might be hard at first, but eventually, it will become second nature. You’ll thank yourself when they return and say something like, This is why I love coming here!

#6. Get Caller Id

To increase trust with your customers, make sure that your number is visible on their caller ID when they call you.  Be Consistent: Have a documented method for delivering customer service that you stick to every time—whether it’s someone picking up phones or an automated system. Customers will begin to see you as a valuable resource in your field, which will lead to long-term growth and success. Empower Employees: Empowering employees means giving them ownership of what they do at work—helping set goals, teaching them how to achieve those goals, providing resources and coaching along the way—and letting them figure out how best to get there.

#7. Use Interactive Voice Response Software

Not only will an interactive voice response (IVR) system save you money in terms of customer service costs, but it’ll also increase efficiency by making your support team more efficient. While a live agent can only handle one call at a time, an IVR can handle multiple calls. Plus, most systems have a wide range of questions and options that are catered to your business needs. The best thing about IVRs is that they’re hands-free for your agents—so they can use their time to provide excellent customer service rather than searching for information on their computers or on paper.

#8. Pick Up The Phone Immediately When It Rings

Let’s face it, there are a few things more irritating than being placed on hold, especially if you have to call customer service because something is wrong with your product. Even worse are those systems that greet you with a busy signal when they can’t handle all their calls. When you work on creating a toll-free line, be sure to pick it up every time someone calls. If your company can’t handle it at that moment, let them know how soon you can get back to them and then follow through. You might lose a few customers in the short term but will gain many more once people know they can count on your business! Not only will repeat customers translate into better profit margins but an improved reputation for providing excellent customer service as well!

#9. Handle Calls Quietly In A Private Space

When talking to customers, it is important to remain calm and polite in your tone of voice, even if you are frustrated. Angry phone calls will make your business look unprofessional and no one wants to do business with a company that sounds angry or on edge. If you feel like a call is taking an extreme turn and becoming too much for you to handle, politely tell them that it is difficult for you to talk about these issues over a recorded line (or simply don’t want to talk about things over email) and ask if they mind calling back at a later time. Always remember to keep your cool because your reputation depends on it!

#10. Always Thank The Caller At The End Of Each Call

Everyone likes to be appreciated, and that is doubly true for those on your customer service team. Make sure you take a moment to thank each caller at the end of their call. This can make all of the difference in whether or not they will choose to do business with you again or recommend your company to others. Even if it seems like there’s nothing else to say, simply saying thank you will go a long way.


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