15 plastic surgery disasters that will make you cringe 15

15. Lara Flynn Boyle – twin peaks star


Lara Flynn Boyle wanted to retain her stunning good looks of the 2000s but when it comes to plastic surgery going back in time isn’t always the outcome. The outcome was a waving of the hand to look natural. We get it, Hollywood, you want to look young, but plastic surgeons aren’t always the answer. At the same time, Lara Flynn Boyle is now known as Jocelyn Wildenstein, leaving the surgeon’s table with her once fresh glow didn’t exactly pan out. Boyle’s lips are so full they look like they’re about to burst. We’re not saying that people shouldn’t get plastic surgery for one minute.


It’s always good to feel good about our looks, but these celebrities have made one thing clear: stay away from bad plastic surgeons. Somebody needs to tell celebrities this, hey, the glitz and glam of celebrity life is a hell of a thing, and plastic surgery disasters are all the rage.



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