Essay on Mahatma gandhi | 10 Lessons Mahatma Gandhi Taught Us

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10 Lessons Mahatma Gandhi Taught Us

Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of the Indian independence movement and the architect of India’s freedom. He believed in fighting against oppression through nonviolent resistance, and his message lives on to this day. He also advocated for truth, simplicity, compassion, nonviolence, and self-reliance. Here are 10 lessons Mahatma Gandhi taught us about living our best lives today.


1) Don’t be afraid to stand up for your beliefs

At a time when social justice is under attack, we can learn so much from someone who put his life on the line for what he believed in. Sometimes, you just have to take a stand, no matter what.

2) Have patience

It may take longer than you’d like, but if you have patience, you’ll succeed in whatever you set out to do. There will be plenty of bumps along your road to success, but with patience and perseverance, they will work themselves out.

3) Speak the truth

Throughout his life, Gandhi fought for India’s independence. He believed that India would not be able to gain freedom until its people were educated and autonomous. To achieve these goals, he advocated for nonviolent resistance as a means of fighting for independence. For him, true strength came from standing up for what you believe in and having respect for those around you. His beliefs are as relevant today as they were back then — and teach us how to stand up for what we believe in every day!

4) Live simply

One of Gandhi’s most widely-known quotes is Live simply so that others may simply live. This reminder is a powerful reminder of how each and every one of us can change our communities for the better—one small step at a time. By living simply, we reduce unnecessary waste, both in terms of money and physical materials.

5) Treat people equally

You’d be surprised how far you can get just by treating everyone you encounter with respect. For Gandhi, it wasn’t about being liked; it was about his belief that each and every person deserves to be treated equally. Even if you don’t believe everyone deserves equal treatment, recognizing and respecting everyone—from your boss to your mailman—makes for a happier world all around.

6) Say what you mean and mean what you say

Even when people mean well, their actions don’t always reflect what they actually say. They will often fail to act on something as simple as saying thank you or wishing someone a happy birthday. Simple acts like these help to build relationships in our lives. If we want people to be there for us when we need them, then we must reciprocate with kind words and gestures.

7) Be courageous

Gandhi promoted nonviolent resistance to achieve self-rule and peace. He inspired millions of people through his words and actions, and his legacy continues to live on today. To be like him, you must be brave enough to take action in your life. When times get tough or if you’re facing a challenge, stand up for what’s right—even if it makes others uncomfortable.

8) There is no shortcut to success

The man who would go on to become known as Mahatma (or Great Soul) first had to practice law for several years before rising to fame. He earned less than $5 per month for his work, but still managed to save money and live simply.

9) Take action

Have you been thinking about taking action for some time, but haven’t started? Maybe it’s time to focus on your priorities. When you don’t take action toward your dreams, you tell yourself that they aren’t important enough to pursue. And just like that, they stop being dreams and become fantasies instead.

10) Respect all religions

One of his first public acts was to participate in a three-day fast in protest of religious violence. He believed in respecting all religions, even though he wasn’t a follower of any himself. People may criticize you for choosing not to align yourself with a certain religion, but always respect your peers’ beliefs, be it Hinduism or Buddhism, or Christianity. It’s an important aspect of being open-minded and is something people will appreciate about you as an individual.


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