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How to Change Name in Pan Card is it necessary? Your Full Name is one of your most important details. Getting your Pan card issued with the wrong Name is possible, especially if you were born outside India, because getting your new license might not be as simple as a few requests and passport photos. Our guide will help you change the full Name on your Pan (tax identification) card online in a step-by-step process filled with screenshots so that next time this problem doesn’t occur in ANY part of the country.



What is PAN Card? Definition of PAN Card?

A PAN is a unique ten-digit alphanumeric character assigned to every Indian taxpayer. According to the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT) issued the PAN.

  • PAN is an electronic system (in the short term) that records all information related to a company or an individual’s tax against a single PAN number. Throughout the country, PAN serves as the primary key for storing information.
  • The PANs of two different tax-paying organizations cannot be the same.
  • Companies, NRIs, individuals, or any Indian citizen who pays taxes can get a PAN card issued.

A PAN card is valid for a lifetime.

Why should you enroll for a PAN card?

This unique PAN or Permanent Account Number is of utmost importance not just for income tax purposes but also because it provides every entity in India with the following benefits:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of address
  • Mandatory for Tax Filing
  • Registration of businesses
  • Financial Transactions
  • Phone Connection
  • Gas Connection
  • Operating and Opening Bank Account
  • Mutual Funds – e-KYC is beneficial for mutual fund investments

How To Do PAN Card Correction/Update

Your PAN serves both as a proof of identity and as a repository for tax-related data and information. Hence, there must be no discrepancy in the information you provide when the PAN card is issued. The PAN can lead to various problems in the future if it contains inaccurate/false information. Crosscheck your PAN card for any errors or inaccuracies and report them as soon as possible.

One of the widespread mistakes observed is incorrect/misspelled names on PAN cards.

How to Change Name in PAN Card

You might need to change your surname after marriage if your Name appears incorrectly on your PAN card. Some people are unclear about whether they can change their names on their PAN card at certain times. Even if they have a brief idea, they are unsure how to proceed.

PAN card name corrections can be done online and offline under certain circumstances.

Pan card correction online

These steps for the online method are much simpler and take only a few minutes.

Here is how to change the Name on your PAN card online:–

  •  Firstly, visit the NSDL or UTIITSL portal and request for PAN card name correction/change application form.
  • Fill out the form and update the field that needs to be changed or updated.
  • You have to check and ensure all your details are filled inaccurately carefully.
  • Once you confirm the changes (do it carefully), you will receive a 15-digit acknowledgment number. Please keep this number handy for tracking the status of your PAN application and for further communication.
  • You have to pay the required amount chargeable for the changes made. Please take all the printouts of the acknowledgment, attach the required documents along with your photograph and signature (check once before mailing), and mail them to NSDL or UTIITSL address.

How To Do PAN Card Name Correction Offline | Pan card correction form

You can change the Name on your PAN card through the offline process.

All you have to do is follow these steps-

  • Take a printout of the PAN card correction form. Make sure all of the details are correctly entered in the form. Do check the box on the left carefully if you would like to update or change your PAN details.
  • Submit the form and necessary documents to the nearest UTIITSL or NSDL center.
  • Download the Pan card correction form Pdf here. Download Now

Why You Need to Do PAN Card Name Correction

You may have to update/change/correct your Name on your PAN card in the following cases:

• If your Name is written wrong/spelled wrong.

• If you have/had changed your Name legally

• If you are looking to update/change your surname after your marriage

Documents Required to Change Name on PAN Card

The following documents are required to change or correct the Name on the PAN card –

• Driving License

• Passport

• Aadhaar Card

• Voter ID

• Passport of your husband if you are looking to change your surname post-marriage

Newspaper advertisement featuring your new Name. Now that you are familiar with the PAN Card name change and application process, don’t delay. Otherwise, you may have difficulty filing taxes, getting a phone/gas connection, or registering your business/company.

Change or Update Your Pan Card Details Online; Know-How

A permanent Account Number (PAN Card) is a ten-digit Unique Alphanumeric Number issued by the Indian Tax Department. It is one of the essential documents for Indian citizens. It is used for tax purposes and as an identity card.

Sometimes due to errors in the PAN card, people face lots of trouble. Hence these mistakes must be corrected as early as possible. Whether you want to get your Name corrected/updated or the date of birth (DOB), everything can be done online quickly, and you do not need to go to any office or stand in long queues.

This blog article will tell you how you can correct the wrong Name & wrong date of birth on your PAN card while simply sitting at home. Along with this, we will also guide you on how you can easily download e-PAN.

Note: Remember that this process is not entirely free; you have to pay a fee for it.

How to Download e-PAN from NSDL Portal

Two categories of e-PAN cards are available under the NSDL portal. The first PAN is allotted in the last 30 days, and the second PAN is allotted more than 30 days old. Below are the steps to download e-PAN in both ways.

Download e-PAN card: (PAN Allotted in last 30 days)

  • Firstly, go to the official website via:
  • Click on the Download e-PAN card (For PAN allotted in the last 30 days)
  • Then enter the Acknowledgment Number & Enter the Captcha Code.
  • Click on Submit.
  • You will get OTP in three ways – Email ID, Mobile Number, or both.
  • Select anyone & click on ‘Generate OTP.’
  • Then enter the OTP & click on Validate.
  • After the successful validation, click on Download PDF.
  • This file will be fully password protected. The password will have to be entered in the format of your birthday, and that is DDMMYYYY.

Download e-PAN card: (Allotted PAN older than 30 days) 

  • Visit the official website via:
  • Click on the Download e-PAN card link (If your PAN was issued more than 30 days ago).
  • Details Required- PAN, Month of Birth & Birth Year, GSTN (optional)
  • When all the required details have been entered, click on the Submit button. After this process, your e-PAN will be downloaded.

Download the e-PAN card through UTIITSL Portal 

Through UTIITSL’s website, PAN applicants can now download their electronic PAN cards. You can download your e-PAN cards from UTIITSL if you are one of the following PAN applicants.

  • Applicants who have applied for a new PAN through UTIITSL. Applicants who have applied for changes or corrections in PAN through UTIITSL.
  • An applicant who had earlier registered a valid and active mobile number or email ID and their PAN Card record (history) with the Income Tax Department.
  • UTIITSL provides access to the e-PAN card for all the above points.

How to Change Name in the PAN Card full Details

  • Visit the official website via:
  • Details Required- PAN Number, Date of Birth.
  • Date of Birth/ Date of Agreement/ Date of Incorporation/Date of Partnership or Date of Formation of Trust Deed/ Date of AOP to be given in MM/YYYY format/BIO/GSTIN (Optional)
  • Enter Captcha.
  • Click on Submit.
  • After the successful submission, an SMS will be sent to your registered Email ID or Mobile Number.
  • The applicant/user has to click on this link. E-PAN can be downloaded from here. After this, OTP has to be entered, which will come to the user’s mail or the number.
  • Downloading e-PAN through this is not entirely free. The applicant has to pay Rs8.26. After that, the e-PAN can be downloaded.

How to change the Date of Birth (DOB) in Pan Card

  • You have to visit the NSDL Portal. Then you must click on ‘Online Application for Correction/Updates/Changes to the PAN Data.’
  • Then the applicant/user will have to go to the category & choose one option, either Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) or Individual.
  • It will be required to fill all the fields with a ‘*’ mark.
  • Upload all the Required Documents & Photos.
  • Just click on the submit button.
  • After that, make the payment through a Demand Draft, Debit Card, or Credit Card.
  • Note that there will be an acknowledgment number here. This will be important to check the application status.
  • When the process is finally complete, take a printout of the application form and post it to the address provided with the necessary documents.

How to Change Name in Pan Card

  • To change the Name (detail) on the pan card, first of all, you have to visit the official website via:
  • Go to Apply Online under the Application type.
  • After that, select Changes or Corrections in the existing Pan Data/ Reprint of Pan Card.
  • In the category, select Individual & fill in all the details such as Surname/First Name/Last Name/Date of Birth/Email-ID/PAN number, etc.
  • After filling in the details, you have to enter the captcha code & tap on it to submit.
  • You will get the message on your mobile number. Click ‘Continue’ to access the online PAN application.
  • Now, you have to keep following the on-screen instructions. And, if you want to update the photo and signature on PAN, click on ‘Photo Mismatch’ & ‘Signature Mismatch’ on the page.
  • Once each required detail is entered & the payment is made, the acknowledgment receipt is generated. Take a printout of it & send it to the office of NSDL eGOV along with a copy of all required documents.

PAN Card Update:

How to change surname and address in PAN after marriage

It takes only a few minutes/seconds to complete the online form.

A Permanent Account Number or PAN card is a crucial ten-digit number required to avail of most of the financial services offered by the government and private institutions in the country. Most finance-related work requires a PAN card from the Income Tax Department to banks. Cardholders must update their surname and address on PAN to avoid troubles while using such services.

PANs can also be used as proof of identity in many situations. Therefore, changing the surname and address on the PAN card is essential, especially after marriage. These details can be updated on your PAN card by following a few steps. You can do this online.

Here’s how you change your surname and address on the PAN card:

Step 1: Visit THIS WEBSITE

Step 2: Start filling out the application form immediately.

Step 3: Fill in all the required information.

Step 4: Click the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 5: Enter your PAN in the bracket next to your Name.

Step 6: Press/Click the ‘Validate’ option.

Step 7: Now, finally, click (press) on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 8: Cardholders need to pay Rs 110 to change their address or surname. However, if the cardholder’s address is outside of India, the cardholder will be required to pay Rs 1020 to complete the transaction.

Step 9: Cardholders will have to download and fill out the PAN application form after paying the fee. They will need to paste two passport-sized photographs on the form and sign it.

Step 10: Send the application to the Income Tax PAN Services UNIT (Which is Managed by NSDL e-Government Infrastructure Limited) at the NSDL address. Note: Do not forget to send the required documents (with correct information) along with the form.

Now, let us answer all the frequently asked questions by the applicants or the user.

Frequently Asked Questions on PAN Card?

How can I change my name in PAN card?

Firstly, go to and open any browser. You have to select Apply Online and then select Changes or corrections to existing PAN Data/ Reprint of PAN Card (No changes to existing PAN data) on the new screen.

How can I change my PAN card details?

To update existing PAN details, the applicant must complete the form 'Request for New PAN Card Or/and Changes or Corrections in PAN Data, and the applicant should fill out all the columns on the form and check the box next to the address in the left margin.

Can we edit PAN card details online?


How can I change my Name on the PAN card after marriage?

Visit the UTIITSL site. Under the drop-down section of PAN Card services, click on PAN. Now click on Change/Correction in PAN Card. Enter all the needed information into the form. You must mention PAN in the form and tick only the cell in front of your Name.

How to change the Name on the PAN card with the AADHAR card?

The applicant must complete the form 'Request for New PAN Card Or/and Changes or Corrections in PAN Data Form to update existing PAN details.' Applicant shOror/and all the form columns and should tick the box on the left margin of address for communication.

The Conclusion

Therefore, it was a brief explanation and details about the PAN Card update or correction in Name, date of birth, etc. Hopefully, you might have understood and done the update of your PAN Card. If you have more queries, please let us know; we are here to solve them. Keep visiting LOANPEGYAN for more updates.

Thank You.


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