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Why and How To Join the Indian Army 

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The Indian Army is one of the best equipped and trained forces in the world. It constitutes ten percent of India’s population, but very few people are aware of how they can join them In this blog I will give you a complete procedure to join your Indian Army.


Making it into the Indian defense system (Army, Navy, Air Force) is one mammoth task, but the trip might feel easy if filled with the correct information. It’s one of the broadly reputed professions in our nation. No matter whether you get to make it into the top league or bottom league, everyone has entered equal respect in society. 

Military jobs are frequently essentially paid if you step your bottom with determination. Also, the defense service is broadly satisfactory considering the affair and achievements. 

Openings are always open in the Indian Army, and you need to apply at the right time. Before you could conclude, understand the pivotal gate through which you could slip in. 

Educational Qualifications

The smallest educational profile the Indian army demands is a ten standard pass candidate. The coming filtering position might seek a 12th pass, parchment, and above which a degree holder shall make it to advanced designations in the Army. 

Types of careers in the Indian Army

The Army has both short service and nonstop service, which shall be left for the aspirant’s choice. Still, the reclamation is done by two different commissions. The Endless bones are handled by PC or Endless commission, and the short service commission or SSC would require reclamation for temporary conditions. 

Once completing a bond period, the campaigners might get an offer to move to PC, which depends on several factors. 

Steps to join the Indian Army 

Before going into detail, let us divide the entry points grounded on educational qualifications. 12th, Parchment and Scale are the introductory academic demands the Army put forward. 

 1. Prepare for good marks Make sure that you have performed well in your former test, substantially a pass with 50 is the standard which might have some relaxation depending on the commission recruiting. 

 Still, the colorful commission might demand 70 PCM ( drugs, chemistry, and biology). So before you make it to your operation, be sure with your marks. 

2. Understand the introductory entry points. To join the Indian Army, over a dozen entry points are available. Find the one that fits you better and apply for it. Below are the entry points with the needed minimum education and age limit. 

The most common entry points are via examinations or replenishments conducted by commissions like 

  • National Defense Academy (NDA) 
  •  Indian Military Academy-Non-Tech 
  • 10+2 tech 
  •  Judge Advocate General (JAG) – Men & Women 
  •  NCC special Scheme entry – Men & Women 
  •  TGC – Education 
  • UES 
  •  AEC 
  • Short Service Commission – Tech and Non-tech 

 3. Take into account your general health. All army replenishments will be estimated in two orders. Academically as well as physically. Your physical health will be subordinated to some tests before you can attend their primary interview. So make sure that you’re well set to face their physical examinations, including running, touring, pull-ups, balance, etc. 

 4. Be apprehensive of the general conditions for the Indian Army. There’s a general guideline for all campaigners to make it into any section of the Indian Army. The important ones are:

  • The candidates must be physically fit, meaning free from conditions, internal illness, and disabilities. 
  •  A candidate shouldn’t be weak, fat, or light and must have a healthy BMI. 
  • The height demand for manly campaigners is are 157.5 cms, and for ladies, it’ll be 152cms. Still, there are certain relaxations for Gorkhas and natives from North East India whose minimum shall be 5cms less. For Lakshadweep campaigners, this concessions is 2cms. 
  • Chest, joints, and bone health are a must-have for all campaigners. 
  • A candidate shouldn’t have anyone history of internal breakdown or fits. 
  • The hail sense should be regular, i.e., the candidate must be suitable to catch a forced tale 610 cms inside a quiet room. 
  • Normal blood pressure is vital for a healthy heart with no one history of cardiac. 
  • Hydroceles, Piles, or varicocele shouldn’t be there. 
  • Urine examination might be done, and unfit campaigners might face rejection. 
  • The candidate must be suitable to read a6/6 in a distant map without any glass. Diplopia or presbyopia shouldn’t be out 5D; for ladies, diplopia is limited to minus5.5 D 

5. Be apprehensive of examinations. Several examinations are held throughout the time. You shall keep posted about updates through separate websites, social media runners, or journals.

Below are 5 essential examinations that recruit to the Indian Army after graduation.

  • Combined Defense Service Examination: The age limit is fixed from 19-24, where you need a graduate degree from UGC honored institution. A written test was held twice a time on the February-march niche and September – October niche. 
  • Technical Entrance: This is substantially for BE/ Btech holders from any honored universities. Both PC and SSC call for rookies, and the age limit is 20-27 for the former and 19-25 for the ultimate (womanish). The announcement is posted twice a time where PC conducts replenishments on April and October; SSC on June-July. 
  •  NCC – Special Entries: No written examinations are obligatory. If you have a law degree with 50 and a 2- time service in NCC elderly division army with a minimum of B or C grade, you’re also eligible for direct The candidate must be of age limit 19-25. The announcement generally comes around October and April, doubly. 
  • University Entry Scheme: BTech degree holders in final or pre-final times shall apply for this. The entry is limited to only manly campaigners, and two interviews are held at designated centers. The announcement comes around May of every time. 
  • Judge Advocate Entry: This is for law graduates with a minimum of 55 registered with the bar council of India or a separate state. This is for both men and women with an age limit of 21-27 times old. An announcement is made every June/ July. 

Hopefully, now you have a clear understanding and idea about the test and the entry points. Go through all the examinations on the website and find a suitable bone for you. Check the separate websites and keep posted about the updates and tests. Also, make sure that you’re considering your physical health while mentally preparing for the Army. 

How to Join the Indian Army without any exam

You are aware that the Indian Army is the most significant element of the Indian Armed Forces. Its primary charge is to ensure public security and concinnity, defend the nation from external aggression and internal threats. However, this composition may help you in numerous ways, If you wish to join the Indian Army as an officer. 

The Indian Army conducts several examinations, including NDA, CDS, Army College Cadet, and others, to retain candidates in different branches.

There are 5 ways to join the Indian Army without taking a written test. Let’s have a look. 

 1. 10+2 Entries (Technical Entry Scheme) 

After the 12th (PUC), you can join the Indian Army directly through the specialized entry scheme. To apply for the 10+2 Entries, you must have passed 12th from the wisdom sluice. After the Technical Entry Scheme course, you can be appointed directly to Lieutenant. 

Only male candidates can get entry through this scheme. The duration of this course is five times. Generally, the Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme Notification floated twice (January and July). Substantially, the announcements were issued in May/ June and October/ November. 

 Educational Qualification 

To qualify for technical entry into the Indian Army, the candidate must be eligible 10 2 Examination, or it is original with a minimum of 70 marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from the honored education board.

 Age Limit-16.5 to19.5 times 

Selection Criteria- The selection of a candidate is grounded on the SSB Interview. On the same day, those who do not pass Stage I will be returned. Those who pass Stage II go on to Stage III. The duration of the SSB interview is five days. 

 2. University Entry Scheme (UES) 

 Through this scheme, engineering scholars can apply for an endless commission in Technical Arm. The Indian Army hires candidates for this commission through lot placements. SSB interviews and medical exams are required before candidates can get named. After which, the suitable candidates are transferred to the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, for 1-time training. 

 3. JAG (Judge Advocate General) 

JAG stands for Judge Advocate General. Indian Army hires fairly good candidates on a short commission base. To apply, to the Indian Army JAG, a candidate must have a law graduate degree from an honored Board. The Indian Army selects candidates grounded on the operation form. All candidates who qualify for the interview round call for Cerebral Test, Group Test, and Interview Round at the selection center. After the final selection, the candidates are transferred to the Officers Training Academy (OTA) grounded in Chennai for training. The duration of which is over 49 weeks. 

Education Qualification

For those candidates who have passed LLB after enjoying Graduation from an honored University with 55% Marks or having a law degree (LLB) after doing 12th from a privileged University. 

Valid Bar Council of India/ State Certificate. 

Age Limit-21 to 27 times 

 4. Short Service Commission (Technical Entry) 

 The Short Service Commission (specialized) allows specialized graduates/ postgraduates to join the Indian Army. For this, the selection of candidates is made through SSB and Medical Board. After which, the candidates are transferred to the Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai. The duration of which is over 49 weeks. Short Service Commission is included as officers after training. 

 5. Specialized Graduate Course (TGC) 

Engineering ( BE/ BTech) or Final Time candidates can join the Indian Army through Technical Graduate Course (TGC 132). Still, you’ll have to submit the degree within 12 weeks of the launch of the course, If you’re in the final time. 

Indian Army fixes a cut-off grounded on marks attained by the candidates in their 6th Semester of Maids Degree/ the alternate semester in Masters degree/ 8th semester in Architecture. Those candidates whose name was on the merit list called for SSB Interview, which used to take in two stages. i.e., Medical and Particular Interview. The final named candidates get an appointment letter. 

So, these are some ways to join the Indian Army without appearing in any written test. The Indian Army releases announcements from time to time for these courses. Candidates can download and check all rearmost statements through the sanctioned website. All candidates are advised to stay tuned on the authorized website of the Indian Army and loanpegyan for current updates. 

Documents Required

For aspiring soldiers, it’s essential to pay attention to the announcement released. You must take (carry) the following documents when you go to the rally. 

  • Educational instrument/mark sheet issued by the Recognized Education Board 
  •  Residence Certificate with snap issued by an authorized signatory of the State Government/ Tehsildar/ SDM 
  • Caste Certificate with snap inked by Village Sarpanch (except in the case of SIKH (Mazbi and Ramdasia), Gujjar, and Gorkha candidates must be inked by the authorized signatory of the State Government/ Tehsildar/ SDM. Candidates belonging to Dogra Community must produce an instrument with snap issued by Tehsildar or any Authorised Government Signatory. 
  • Religious Certificate issued by the authorized signatory of the state government/ Tehsildar/ SDM 
  •  School Character Certificate issued by the respective Schools/ Colleges Star/ Headmaster 
  •  Character Certificate with snap issued within the last six months by the Village Sarpanch/ Municipal Corporation/ Police 
  •  Unattached Certificate with snap issued within the last six months by Village Sarpanch/ District Administration (If the candidate is below 21 times of age) 
  •  Relationship Certificate issued by the concerned Records Office (Applicable only to the Son/Daughter of Serving Soldiers/ Widows/ War Widows, and-servicemen) 
  • NCC A/ B/ C Instruments. In the case of NCC Certificate holders, applicable instruments and instruments for participation in the Republic Day Parade have to be produced 
  •  Sports Certificate to be produced (only if represented in the following)
  1.  Represented India at the international position. 
  2.  Represented State at National Level. 
  3.  Defined District at National Level. 
  4.  Represented University Team or the Regional Team at District Level. 
  •  Candidates have an O+ Position Computer Certificate ‘Business Professional Programmer’ issued by the DOEACC Society. 
  •  Recent passport size photos 
  •  Kandi area instrument for applicable candidates issued by Tehsildar/ Authorised Government Signatory 

 Skills and Attributes Required

  • Effective intelligence 
  • Sense of responsibility 
  • Determinement, courage 
  • Quick in decision-making 
  • Catering
  • Leadership skills
  • Team Work 
  •  Honest
  • Selflessness 

How To Join Indian Armed Forces For Women 

Female candidates can join the fortified forces either as an officer or a dogface. Every time multitudinous opportunities are present for women to join the Indian Army, Airforce, and Navy. 

Interested female candidates (aim) in joining the Indian Armed Forces have colorful options. Not only can they join the service, but numerous bodies offer combat positions to women in the fortified forces. Now women are seen in all the fortified forces, enjoying equal rights and status as men. 

Females can join the fortified forces either as an officer or a dogface. Every time multitudinous opportunities are blazoned for women to join the Indian Army, Airforce, and Navy. However, then are the details if you’re looking to join one of these posts after your postgraduation. The Indian Army – Women who want to be a part of the Indian Army can do so 14 times under the Short Service Commission (SSC) scheme. The different branches through which female candidates can join the Army are – 

 1. SSCW Non-Tech 

The candidates with an engineering background, Short Service Commission (non-technical) is one route for entry into the fortified forces. Candidates have to clear a written test administered by the UPSC twice in Feb and Sep. The Candidates can check the merit list of this test through Sarkari Result. The Indian Army appoints 12 womanish applicants as officers through this test. Those candidates who have qualified for an interview are invited by the Service Selection Board (SSB).

Eligibility Criteria 

 ● Females aspirants should be unattached. 

 ● Candidates should be between 19 and 25 times of age. 

● They should also have a scale/ postgraduation in any discipline from a conceded university. 

 2. SSCW (NCC) 

 The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a youth development association that offers introductory military training to youthful candidates. Through this path, the womanish candidates who had been active levies of the NCC can join the Indian Army. There’s no written assessment for this scheme, and the Indian Army recruits 8 unattached womanish NCC levies, who have two times of service in the NCC. 

 Eligibility Criteria 

● Female candidates between 19 and 25 times are eligible. 

 ● Candidates should have 50 percent marks on the scale. 

 3. SSCW (JAG) 

 Under the Judge Advocate General (JAG) branch, women officers are enrolled in the Indian Army to handle legal procedures. This is a veritably applicable job for women and other HIGH PROFILED govt jobs. This scheme is specifically for law graduated students, and every time, the Indian Army selects eight womanish candidates via the JAG entrance process. There’s no written test for JAG entry, and the nominated candidates are called for an SSB interview. 

Eligibility Criteria 

 ● Womanish candidates should be between 21 to 27 times of age. 

 ● The candidate must have at least a 55 percent mark in LLB.

 ● Applicants should also be registered with the Indian or the State-Bar Council. 

4. SSC Tech 

Female candidates who have a graduate degree in any Engineering course can apply for Short Service Commission (Technical). There’s no written test, and candidates are named grounded on merit. 

 Eligibility Criteria 

 ● Only unattached candidates can apply. 

● Womanish candidates should be between 20 to 27 times. 

 Indian Air Force 

 Female candidates can join the IAF either through AFCAT or non-AFCAT (meteorology) paths. The details are below. 

 ● AFCAT Entries 

Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is how candidates can enter the Indian Air Force. This test is held two times a time. It’s a written examination, and the candidates who clear it are called for an SSB interview. Women candidates can choose the following branches through this test. 

A. The Flying Branch 

All-female candidates between the ages of 19-23 can apply for this branch. Women candidates are eligible to flyweight airplanes or copters but not fight airplanes. Candidates should have a Bachelorette’s degree in any branch or a B.tech Degree with at least 60 % marks. Also, the candidates should have a minimum of 60 % marks in Maths and Physics in their 12th (PUC) standard. 

B. Technical Branch 

The IAF hires experts and brilliant masterminds to give specialized support. Candidates are hired grounded on the AFCAT test.

 There are mainly two types of services under this branch. 

Aeronautical Mastermind ( Mechanical) There are two types of conditions, and the candidate needs to fill any of them to become eligible. 

●A four-year degree program requiring a 60 percent average and certification in eight out of 18 subjects.

 ● The students should have passed sections A and B of the Associate Class of the Institution of Masterminds or the Aeronautical Society of India in the regular courses. 

Aeronautical Mastermind (Electrical) candidates have to meet one of the criteria 

 ● A four-time degree from a conceded university with at least 60 percent marks in eight courses as specified in the advertisement. 

 ● Cleared Section A and B test of Associate Membership of the Institution of Masterminds, Aeronautical Society of India, or Graduate class examination of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Masterminds in regular courses. 

C. Ground Duty (Non-Technical Branch) 

The conditions for this order are different for graduates. It’s 20 to 23 times, for Post Graduates, 20 to 25 times, for LLB is 20 to 26 times, and for M.Ed/Ph.D./ CA is 20 to 27 times.

There are 5 types of jobs that come under this order-

I. Administration Under this order, candidates have the air business regulator, fighter regulator, etc. A graduate (UG) degree from a recognized university with a grade point average of at least 60 percent is required. However, the seeker must have scored at least 60 percent marks in sections A and B of the Associate Class of the Institution of Masterminds (India) or the Aeronautical Society of India examination, if not. 

 II. Accounts candidates withB.com Degree and 60 percent marks are eligible. Also, candidates with a postgraduate degree/ parchment in Commerce (M.Com)/ CA/ ICWA with at least 50 percent marks are good. 

 III. Logistics candidates should have a U.G. degree in any subject with at least 60 % marks or have the cleared sections of both A and B of the Associate Class of the Institution of Masterminds (India) or the Aeronautical Society of India with a minimum of 60 percent total. 

IV. Education candidates should be PG in any subject with a minimum of 60 % marks. 

V. Meteorology candidates should have a PG degree in any wisdom field/ Maths/ Statistics/ Geography/ CS/ EVS/ Physics/ Geo- drugs,etc. with at least 50 % marks. They should also have 55 % marks in Maths and Physics during the scale. 

 Indian Navy 

Women Candidates are enlisted in the Indian Navy on Short Service Commission. Operations for each position are solicited twice a time in influential journals. Following are the openings for females under the Navy. 

I. Air Traffic Control Officer (ATC) – candidates should be between 19-25 of age and have clearedB.E/B.Tech with a minimum of 60 % marks from a conceded university. They should also have Drugs and Maths in their 12th standard. 

 II. Observer An bystander is in charge of the boat’s sonics, radars, sonars, and communication systems. Candidates should be between 19-25 times of age and have cleared B.E/B.Tech with a minimum of 55 % marks. They should also have Drugs and Maths in their 12th (PUC) standard. 

 III. Law students should be between 22 and 27 of age. They should have a U.G. degree in law with at least 55 % marks. 

 IV. Logistics There are multitudinous orders in this branch, and for each unit, the age limit is 19.5 to 25 times. 

− Logistics Cadre B.E. in any subject with 1st class or MBA with 1st class or B.Sc/BSc/ B.com (I.T.) with 1st class and postgraduate Parchment in Finance/ Logistics/ Supply Chain Management/ Material Management or M.Sc/MCA (I.T.) with 1st class. 

 − Workshop aspirants should have a B.E. or B.Tech (Civil Engineering) or B.Arch degree. 

 − Feeding aspirants should have a postgraduate degree in M.Sc (Hotel Management)/ MBA (Hotel Management)/B.Sc with 1st Class and postgraduate Parchment in Hotel Management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Join the Indian Army Directly after the 12th class?

Yes, one can join the defense, the Indian Army, after the completion of 12th class. We have mentioned above in the article that one can apply and join the Indian Armed Forces branches after completing 12th.

Can I join Army after the 12th without NDA?

Yes. No doubt they can join the Indian Army without the NDA exam. Because in Indian Armed Forces, there are many other branches where one can apply after the 12th. (Mentioned in the above paragraphs)

What is the salary of the Indian Army after the 12th?

Many doubt how much the Indian Army, Navy, and Airforce are. The salary depends upon the posting and the qualification of the person. But the candidate who joins the Indian Army will get a pension and a handsome salary.

How to join the Indian Army after the 12th for females?

To join the Indian Army after the 12th for the female candidate is also not a challenging task these days. Because in Indian Armed Forces there are many vacancies for female candidates too in different departments with good salary and equality.

How to apply for Indian Army jobs?

To apply for the Indian Army jobs, keep visiting the central government’s official website. And you can directly apply through the official government website itself.

What documents do we need to apply for Indian Army Jobs?

As we have already mentioned in brief about the documents, please go through them to understand and clarify what documents we need to apply for Indian Army jobs.

How much is the minimum height required to join the Indian Army?

There is always a standard height to join any forces and departments. To join the Indian Army, the minimum height, weight, body, everything is mentioned above in the above paragraphs. Please go through it.

How to join the Indian Army without a written test?

Hey pals, there are many ways to join the Indian Army without an examination because we have opportunities for different branches and fields here. And we have also covered this topic in a brief explanation above.

How to join the Indian Army after graduation?

To join the Indian Army after graduation. We have to pursue minimum marks and qualifications from a recognized university.

Thus, these were the few queries, which the aspirants frequently asked. Hopefully, we have answered and covered all the topics. Suppose we have left any of you to have a doubt, and please submit your question. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

The Final Conclusion

So, here we are now aspirants. We have solved all your problems and mostly answered all your questions. Please do not hesitate to put forward your views. Thank You, Aspirants. We will always hope for the best and wish you the best. For more current updates, keep visiting the LOANPEGYAN blog.

Thank You, Readers!

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