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How to Update Aadhaar card address online?  


Do you want to know How to Update Aadhaar card address without having any documents? Then this post is very useful for people who don’t have any ID proof, as per the data of the Indian Government more than 45 Lakhs Migrants & Passport holders need to apply and change their current address in AUaadhar.


How can I update my Aadhaar card address online? Check Your Aadhar Address Status Online, offline (visit your nearest enrollment center), or Online to Address Document (POA) Approval in Your Mobile Phone. 

How to update Aadhaar card address online? 

Aadhaar number is a 12- digit random number issued by the UIDAI (“Indian Authority”) to the residents of India after completing the verification procedure laid down by the Authority. Any person, irrespective of age and gender, a resident of India, may voluntarily enroll to gain an Aadhaar number.

A person willing to enroll has to give minimum demographic and biometric information, completely free of cost, during the registration process. We provide all information about “How to update Aadhaar card address online? Check Status Aadhar Address Update Online,” and you can fluently update your Aadhaar address online. We then give a step-by-step process and get a streamlined Aadhar Card at Your Home. Please follow the instructions precisely. 

Update your Aadhaar Address Online
Name of Organisation Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
Aadhaar Official Website https://uidai.gov.in/
What Type of Information Update? Address
Mode Online
Document Attachment Type JPEG (Candidate Address Document) – Upload originally scanned (with color scanner) copies of PoA document
Number of Supporting POA Documents to Upload 45
Service Type Self Service Update Portal (SSUP)
Most Required Mobile number must be registered with Aadhaar
Local languages to Update Aadhaar Address Assamese,  English, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Odia, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, and Telugu
Successful Submission Receive a URN (Update Request Number) of the format 0000/0xXXX/XXXXX
Fee Rs 25
Card Type Central Government Documents
Location All India
Post Category Update Aadhaar Online
Important Dates
Event Dates
How Much Take time to Update Aadhaar Address Online 15 days or (90 days)
Important Links
Event Links
Aadhar Address Update Online Link Click Here
Check Status Aadhar Address Update Online Click Here
Valid Documents for Address Update (POA) Click Here
Official Website Official Website


Aadhaar Card Information Contains 

Oneness of Aadhaar
Individual requirements to enroll for Aadhaar only formerly and after-duplication only one Aadhaar shall be generated, as the oneness is achieved through demographic and biometric-duplication. 

Demographic information
Name, Date of Birth ( vindicated) or Age ( declared), Gender, Address, Mobile Number ( voluntary) and Dispatch ID ( voluntary), in case of Innovator- grounded registration- Innovator name and Introducer’s Aadhaar number, in case of Head of Family dropped enrollment- Name of Head of Family, Relationship and Head of Family’s Aadhaar number; in case of registration of child- Registration ID or Aadhaar number of any one parent, Evidence of Relationship (POR) document .

Biometric information
Ten Fingerprints, Two Iris Scans, and Facial Snap 

How to change your address on your Aadhaar card both online and offline? 

Steps to Change/update your address on Aadhaar card online and offline 

Update address in Aadhaar card online If you have lately dislocated and are facing issues because your address isn’t streamlined on your Aadhaar, then’s some help. 

 As per the (UIDAI) Unique Identification Authority of India website, there are two ways to update or correct the address on your Aadhaar card. 

 1. You can update it online 

 2. Visit a registration center 

 3. Address Confirmation Letter


Streamlining the Online Procedure | How to Submit Aadhaar Correction Request Online? | How to Submit Aadhaar Correction Request Online via UIDAI Website.

Only those persons/citizens who have registered their valid mobile number with Aadhaar will be suitable for updating it online. Since online deals are authenticated, writing your mobile number with Aadhaar becomes obligatory. 

 You can only make corrections/updates to your address through the online mode itself. To do it, you need to first log in to the UIDAI tone- service portal https//ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/login.html. 

 Step 1: Firstly, log in with your Aadhaar Number or Virtual ID. Virtual ID (VID) is an arbitrary 16- number temporarily assigned to your Aadhaar number to grease authentication ore-KYC. It allows you to complete the functions needed without telling your actual Aadhaar number. You can induce a VID on the Aadhaar gate. 

 Step 2: Complete the Captcha verification. 

 Step 3: Click on ‘Shoot OTP.’ 

 Step 4: Enter the entered OTP in the field suggested and click on login. 

 Step 5: The coming runner will give you two choices to update the address
 a) Update Address via Address Evidence.
b) Update Address via Secret Code (if you formerly have an Address Confirmation Letter). 

Step 6: If you select update Address via Address Evidence’, the coming screen will also show you your current address and the option of entering your new address. 

Step 7: Then, enter all the relevant details of your new address and click on preview. 

Step 8: You can either edit the information or ‘Submit’it after ticking on the concurrence statement. 

Step 9: You have to upload the original scrutinized dupe of the valid Address Evidence. 

Once the request is submitted, you’ll admit an Update Request Number ( Charnel). And it is possible to keep track of the status of your address changes/correction request online on the Aadhaar gate using this number. 

 Streamlining Address Visiting near Enrollment Center Process

  How to Submit Aadhaar Correction Form Offline or Online – at Registration/ Update Centre 

• Bring original documents for Registration/Update. No photocopy is needed.
• Original documents are scrutinized and given back to you. 

 Then are the way to follow when submitting the Aadhaar Correction Form at the Registration/Update Centre. 

Step1: You can get an application form at your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Center or Update Centre, where you can fill it out.

Step 2: Download the document form, fill it up, and go to the Registration/Update Centre. 

Step 3: Then, Make sure you take with you all the applicable documents needed to corroborate any of the corrections/updates you’re requesting. 

Step 4:  At the Enrollment Centre, you can submit the form to the driver. 

Step 5: The driver will corroborate the details.

After submitting the form, you can check the status of your change/update request on the UIDAI tone- service gate. 

 Streamlining Aadhaar Address via Address Confirmation Letter 

 Instruction for Online Address Update via Address Confirmation Letter Request Via Proof 

 Step1: Resident Initiates Request 

  •  Resident Logs in with Aadhaar
  • Enters Verifier Aadhaar
  • Receives SRN

 Step2: Address Verifier Warrants 

 ( Address Verifier Receives Link for concurrence in their mobile) 

  •  Clicks on the link
  • Logs in with Aadhaar
  • Gives concurrence

 Step3: Resident Submits Request 

 Resident Receives evidence of Verifier Consent on mobile) 

  • Logs in with SRN
  • Trials Address
  • Edits Local Language (if needed)
  • Send In an Application

 Step 4: Make Use of the Secret Code to complete 

  • Individual Residents receive the Letter and Secret Code via Post
  • Logs into Online Address Update Portal
  • Updates Address via Secret Code
  • Reviews the new address and submits the final request
  • URN entered for checking status in unborn

How Important Take time to Update Aadhaar Address Online? 

As per the UIDAI website, the reversal time for updating is 90 days. A UIDAI representative will vindicate your update request. Once your request is accepted, you can download your Aadhaar by clicking “Download Aadhaar” onuidai.gov.in. An Aadhaar letter with updates/corrections will be delivered at the streamlined address. 

How to check the status of AADHAAR card address update online? 

 The Aadhar Address Update Status can be checked online. Using SRN, you can also check the status of your Address Confirmation Letter request. 

 POA ( Evidence of Address) documents containing Name and Address 

  • Passport
  • Bank Statement/ Passbook
  • Post Office Account Statement/ Passbook
  • Portion Card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Government Photo ID cards/ service print identity card issued by PSU
  • Electricity Bill (not aged than three months)
  • Water Bill (not aged than three months)
  • Telephone Landline Bill (not aged than three months)
  • Property Duty Damage (not aged than one time)
  • Credit Card Statement (not aged than three months)
  • Insurance Policy
  • Inked Letter having Print from Bank on letterhead
  • Inked Letter having Print issued by registered
  • Company on letterhead
  • Inked Letter having Print issued by Honored Educational Institution on letterhead or Photo ID having address given by Honored Educational Institution
  • NREGS Job Card
  • Arms License
  • Pensioner Card
  • Freedom Fighter Card
  • Kissan Passbook
  • CGHS/ ECHS Card
  • Certificate of Address having Print issued by MP or MLA or MLC or Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on UIDAI standard instrument format for registration/ update
  • Certificate of Address issued by the Village Panchayat head or its original Authority (for pastoral areas) on UIDAI standard instrument format for registration/ update
  • Income Tax Assessment Order
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Registered Trade/ Lease/ Rent Agreement
  • Address Card having Print issued by Department of Posts
  • Caste and Domicile Certificate having Print issued by State Govt
  • Disability ID Card/ hindered medical instrument issued by the separate State/ UT Governments/ Administrations
  • Gas Connection Bill (not aged than three months)
  • Passport of Partner
  • Passport of your Parents (only in case of Minor)
  • Allocation letter of accommodation issued by Central/ State Govt. (not further than three times old)
  • Marriage Certificate issued by the Indian Government, containing an address
  • Bhamashah card
  • Certificate from Supervisor/ Warden/ Matriarch/ Head of Institution of honored sanctum homes or orphanages. on UIDAI standard instrument format for registration/ update
  • Certificate of Address having Print issued by External Councillor on UIDAI standard instrument format for registration/ update
  • Identity Card issued by honored educational institutions
  • SSLC book having Snap
  • School Identity card
  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC)/ Academy Transfer Certificate (TC), containing Name and Address
  • Prize of School Records containing Name, Address, and Snap issued by Head of School
  • Certificate of Identity containing Name, Address, and Print published by Honored Educational Institution inked by Head of Institute on UIDAI standard instrument format for registration/ verified.
  • Certificate of identity including Name, DOB, and Photograph issued by Workers’Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) on UIDAI standard instrument format for registration/ update

Frequently Asked Question

FAQ about Aadhaar Online and Offline Address Update Process

What details can I update in the (SSUP) Self Service Update Portal?

You can update/add your address online in Self Service Update Portal (SSUP). For other details updates similar as Demographic details ( Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile Number, Dispatch) as well as Biometrics (iris, fingerprints& Photograph) in Aadhaar, you’ll have to visit the Permanent Enrollment Center.

Is it necessary that my mobile number be registered with Aadhaar while requesting any update?

If you’re using the Online Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) for updates, your mobile number must be registered with Aadhaar; else, you can visit the nearest Endless Registration center with Supporting/verified Documents.

Where can I Update my Mobile No.?

You can update your mobile number on your Aadhaar Card by visiting a Permanent Enrollment Center.

How can I submit my Supporting documents in the online (SSUP)Self Service Update gate?

You’ll be needed to upload original scrutinized (with color scanner) clones of the PoA document as per the Valid Documents List. Relate Link for valid documents.

I don’t have any documentary evidence of my address. Can I still update my address in my Aadhaar?

Yeah, you can definitely update your current address by requesting an Address Confirmation Letter (with the help of an Address Details Verifier).

How do I add my father’s/hubby’s name to my address?

Relationship details (information) are a part of the address field in Aadhaar. This has been formalized to C/O ( Care of). Filling this out is voluntary

Can I update my address in my original (native) language?

In addition to English, you can edit/do corrections in your address in any of the following languages: Assamese, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

I successfully submitted my address update request. How can I track this?

On successfully submitting an online address update request, you admit a Charnel (Update Request Number) of the format 0000/0xXXX/XXXXX. This is shown on screen and transferred via SMS to your registered mobile number. Use this Charnel and your Aadhaar number to track the status of your Aadhaar update/correction from https//ssup.uidai.gov.in/ checkSSUPStatus/ check the update status.

My update request got rejected for invalid documents. What does it mean?

The document/information you use for Online Address Update should be Valid or verified document as per https//ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/ instruction in the name of the resident requesting the update.

The image uploaded should be an evident and multicolored checkup of the original document.

Ensure that you follow the over before you produce a new update request.

Final Words|Conclusion

Thank You, Readers. Hopefully, you might have got your answer and understood in detail the process to change the address in the Aadhaar card. If you have any doubts please mail or comment with your queries. We will try to reach you as soon as possible.


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