15 Foods present in your diet might be dangerous for your health 1

Food is life, without food you just can’t imagine your life. Food gives us energy, health, and happiness. Our ancestors came a long way to acquire the knowledge of food i.e. what to eat or what not to eat. Modern food comes with great flavor, tempting aroma, and bright colors which are enough to attract one’s mind. Some food is marketed as healthy but actually is not.


1. Bread, Pasta, and noodle


Food products made of refined flour like Bread, Pasta, and noodle are missing essential nutritional like healthy fiber and vitamins. Infect Pasta and noodle made from refined flour contains some harmful chemical that can disrupt your gut bacteria functioning. Bread-like products should be strictly avoided by diabetic patients. These contain simple sugars which spontaneously increase blood sugar levels. It is always better to choose a food product made of “100% whole grain.”



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